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Agam Malviya
Sugam Malviya

Founders Commitment

Hello Leaders, HR and L&D professionals,

The world is faced with an invisible enemy, with lots of uncertainties. Undoubtedly, it’s time to support and empower each other and try to normalise the chaos that we are in.

We at yogya.ai have always believed in the first principle of startups i.e. “beyond money, help people”. And now, more than any other time, is the test of the value we hold at the centre of our business. Hence, we are providing our platform free for the next 3 months and if required beyond too.

Yogya.ai, is an industry-agnostic, smart learning platform that helps companies in engaging with employees, customers, and partners, thus building a robust ecosystem for future growth.

For employers, we answer:

  1. Why do you need to invest in learning?
  2. How you will achieve your skilling objectives?
  3. What will be the tangible ROI?

For the Covid-19 global crisis, we have decided to help businesses counter the unique challenges emerging due to  the current nationwide lockdown. You can utilise Yogya.ai for :

  • Remote performance support: Make your employees and partners have all the arsenal to work independently with minimal personnel support requirements.
  • Secure knowledge sharing: Share knowledge in a secure environment.
  • Remote Onboarding: For new employees or old employees who might be shifting job roles due to resource optimization exercise.
  • Remote Upskilling and Reskilling: Skill-up your existing employees and partners as per future strategies, pivots and new avenues.

Since agility and efficiency are the need of the hour, reach out to us and we will have your system up and running within the next 48hrs.

Our mission is to help businesses sustain in these difficult times So, let's come together and help stabilize the economy together.