Upskill & reskill your existing workforce

A strategic response to changing business demand and function needs.

Leadership & managers often deal with unmatched skills expectations which lead to bad hiring, Yogya.ai helps with appropriate resource optimization & collaboration between the two.


Yogya is backed by our proprietary algorithm to create skill-specific learning paths in less than 30sec, dynamically as per individual's need. This helps in upskilling the organization workforce & improving employer performance capability by 10X.

Employee Onboarding

Onboard candidates & employees more strategically. Trigger employee onboarding workflows, policies, organizational content, and generate reports as per the requirement.

Performance support

Yogya performance support help employers empower their employees by providing KPI driven content, which helps improve performance with 100% ROI.


Everything that your business needs to be future-proof

Identify Skill Gaps

Our built-in unique capability matrix allows you to track performance, potential skill gaps, and identify potential skill gaps on time.

Track everything in real-time

Capture employee learning in real-time. Track every content, assessment, performance, drop-off and uncover insights that were never imagined.


Create an AI-based personalized learning path for your employees and gently nudge them to learn. Setup and run personalized experience without curating individual content.

Best LMS LXP Software

Yogya makes it easy

For leaders who put their teams first
Reduction in employee onboarding time
Improvement in employee performance
Reduction in employee turnover cost

Seamless Collaboration

Yogya fits right between all your organization’s favorite tools and workflow and saves you from hours of manual work. Yogya integrates with your existing shared drives, CRMs, LMSes, helpdesks, and task management tools.